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Active Food 


Lisa Mueller is based in the South West of France and has been cooking professionally for over 15 years. She was running her own restaurant in Berlin, catering for many different occasions such as sport events, yoga retreats, clothing launches, seminars, food workshops and business meetings. 

Her focus is on mostly but not exclusively plant-based, local and organic food and she is working closely with nearby farms, bakeries, small businesses and local purveyors .

She has been travelling for 20 years therefore her cooking is influenced by different cultures, flavor profiles and preparation techniques. Her food is vibrant and full of nutrients so you can feel good and energized all day!




We are offering unique and modern Matcha Ceremonies for individuals & groups either in our facility or directly at your location. We also provide our service for yoga retreats, sport events or as a mindful start of seminars and business meetings.​

During the ceremony you will learn all about the heritage of matcha green tea, it's rich history, health benefits and the traditional vs modern usage. You will of course get to try our signature Morning Ritual matcha latte with homemade plant milk and we will finish the ritual with a guided meditation.

​The purpose of this ceremony is to share an old tradition translated into modern day life so you can prepare your matcha latte at home too and enjoy the nutritional benefits as well as the mindfulness aspect of it.

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