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Forest Stone Tasse

Forest Stone Tasse

This hand-crafted ceremonial cup by Elizaveta Barsegova from Barsega Studio Gallery in Berlin is the newest edition to your ceramic range. 

The Forest Stone Edition was created with handpicked forest stones and alder ashes, sprinkled with natural minerals and gemstones. The mixture of mud and earth turned into stone by the heat of 1300 C … this is the alchemy behind each vessel.

Made with 100% natural materials and without chemical glazes.

We developed this cup in order to give you a beautiful vessel and a sensual experience for your favorite beverage.


Elizaveta is the founder and a true pottery and traveling researcher. She is exploring rural and tribal places all over the world to learn the pre- industrial approach to pottery and integrate it in her work.


    • Diameter: ø 130mm
    • Height: 75mm
    • Weight: approx 400g
    • Made in Germany
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