Female Balance Workshop Series #2

Female Balance Workshop Series #2

This workshop is in english and you will receive a worksheet and the video (1.5 hours) to download.


In part #2 we will continue the talk around hormone (im)balance and how nutrition as well as our lifestyle helps or disrupts our cycle.

I will share more details from my holistic health studies and how different approaches to food will change our perception of a simple “calories” or macronutrients intake.

We will discuss topics like intermittent fasting, (blood) sugar / keto diet, caffeine and the TCM philosophy of warming and cooling foods and how we can learn to integrate these principles into our diet so we can help our endocrine system function properly.

And most important: how can we talk to ourselves in order to feel proud, empowered, caring, supporting and in harmony with our femininity!






    different diets and eating styles and how they affect our hormones eg. keto diet, vegan & vegetarian high carb diet, intermittent fasting...

    • Video format: mp4
    • Document format: pdf
    • Language: English 
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