Female Balance Workshop Series #1

Female Balance Workshop Series #1

This workshop is in english and you will receive a worksheet and the video (1.5 hours) to download.


This is the first of my FEMALE BALANCE Workshop series that I will be offering on a regular basis with different topics as the focus. I will address common issues and struggles that are beyond the physical process during our monthly cycle but dive deeper into the causes for hormonal imbalances alongside mood swings, negative self-talk and a disconnection from our female body. By identifying feminine and masculine traits and understanding their qualities we can learn to integrate them into our lives and find balance through nutrition, training/movement, relaxation and self-TALK (cause this is where it all starts…).




    Cycle Syncing: eating / training according to your menstrual cycle

    • Video format: mp4
    • Document format: pdf
    • Language: english
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